Books and Activities

Book: The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide: For Ages 10 & Under, by Judy Galbraith, M.A.

Book: The Gifted Teen Survival Guide (4th Edition), by Judy Galbraith, M.A. and Jim Delisle

Books for Gifted  The very best for the very brightest.

Mensa for Kids  The Mensa Foundation recognizes and encourages education, gifted youth, and lifelong learning through programs like the Mensa for Kids Web site and other activities.

Cogito  Connecting Young Thinkers Around the World (JHU CTY Online)

Destination Imagination  Destination Imagination is an educational program where student teams solve open-ended Challenges and present their solutions at tournaments.  In working to solve our Challenges, our teams learn important life skills like time management, collaboration, conflict resolution, and creative and critical thinking.

Hoagies’ Kids and Teens  The “All Things Gifted” page.

Mandelbrot  Links to mathematical sites for students – click “Links” under “Resources.”

The Mathematical Association of America  American Mathematics Competitions

Neuroscience for Kids

The Synergy Challenge and brain teasers For Kids by Synergy Westchester.

WOOT: Worldwide Online Olympiad Training  A 7-month Olympiad preparation and testing program that brings together many of the best students from around the world to learn Olympiad problem solving skills.  (Art of Problem Solving)